Word of the founder

Ing. Michal Záveský, Ph.D., Expandia, a.s.

Dear investors and investment professionals,
I am pleased to introduce our new fund EXPANDIA Investments SICAV, a.s. and its Expandia Industrial Parks sub-fund. With this move, we are returning to our roots, when we were established in 1993 as an investment company to manage mutual funds under the coupon privatization. Through our success in investing in privatization, we have grown into a group that has 30 years of successful investing and a number of interesting projects, such as Expandia Banka (later eBanka), Vigona Svitavy (now Fibertex Nonwovens), GUMOTEX Breclav, ARBES Technologies, Hamburg Business Center and others.

By establishing the Expandia Industrial Parks sub-fund, we want to invite partners and the broader investing public to invest and grow in value with us. We have long operated rental industrial parks in Třebíč, Klatovy, Rousínov and Červený Kostelec, where we provide tenants with flexible space for logistics, warehousing and manufacturing. It is a combination of older halls, which were mainly designed for light industrial production, and new premises. Over time, we have been refurbishing and expanding the parks we operate with modern rental space. This enables us to provide a wide range of space suitable for a range of business activities.

Our tenants are leading foreign concerns, logistics companies and smaller or medium-sized Czech manufacturing companies. We are able to keep our industrial parks occupied by tenants for a long time, charge market rents adjusted for inflation and increase the value of the parks by renovating or expanding them. We have our own strong team with the necessary experience to take care of tenants and park development.

I believe that interesting profitability, tenant stability, experienced established investors and a stable team of professionals taking care of your investments
will be an attractive offer for your investment plans and we look forward to investing together in interesting and quality assets."

What are we investing in?

Why invest with us?

We operate fully occupied buildings with stable rental income from quality tenants

We achieve attractive long-term returns that we share with investors

Professionals with tradition and experience invest your money with you

We are ready to expand existing parks and acquire new ones - we are ready to develop with you

Key parameters

0+ million CZK
Gross value of real estate
0 thousands m²
Leasable area
0 years
7-9 0 % p.a.
Target net yield

Basic information about the Fund

EXPANDIA Investments SICAV, a.s.


Expandia Industrial Parks sub-fund

qualified investor fund



CODYA Investment Company, a.s.

7-9% per annum
(net of fund management and performance fees)

5 years and more

1 mil. CZK 1 million first investment (or less as part of CODYA MIX), then multiples of CZK 100 thousand. CZK 100,000

max. 4%

up to 3 years after investment 40%, then 0%

max. 1.9% per annum

35% of fund capital appreciation in excess of 5% per annum


Industry Park Třebíč

Leasable area: 20 200 m²

Annual rent: 24,7 mil. CZK 24.7 million (year 2023)

Occupancy: 100%

Value of assets: 279 mil. CZK 279,000

WAULT: 5,4 years

Development potential: 15 000 m²

Industry Park Třebíč is 2/3 reconstructed hall from the 80s and 1/3 new extension from 2008. The halls are spacious, with a minimum of columns and solid height suitable for light and medium production, as well as logistics and warehousing.

The site is fully leased on relatively long leases. The main tenant is GUMOTEX from Expandia Group. Other tenants are e.g. the tool manufacturer Wera Werk or the pipe manufacturer Fränkische.

The advantage of the site is the proximity of the Dukovany NPP, which should be expanded in the future, which is a potential for renting space for the construction contractor. Other potential stems from the relative proximity to the motorway and the existence of a number of manufacturing plants for automotive, energy and other engineering operations of Czech and foreign owners in the vicinity.


The area has a relatively high potential for development on its own land. The distance from residential zones will allow relatively reasonable permission for expansion and does not restrict the tenants in their production plans.

On the roof is leased space for a 1 MWhp PV plant operated by another Expandia group company. In the future, it is planned to transfer the PV plant to IP Třebíč and thus strengthen the environmental aspect of IP Třebíč. The site is also connected to biomass heat/steam and has two separate energy connections.

The complex is being continuously renovated and improved - in 2022, a new asphalt bypass road was built, and the renovation of the facades and the next phase of the replacement and insulation of the skylights are currently being prepared.

Industry Park Červený Kostelec

Leasable area: 27 500 m² 

Annual rent: 27.6 mil. CZK 6.6 million (year 2023)

Occupancy: 100%

Value of assets: 346 mil. CZK 346,000

WAULT: 2.7 years

Development potential: 5 000 m²

Industrial park Červený Kostelec is conveniently located near the newly completed D11 motorway in the direction to Poland. The original ELITEX Červený Kostelec site was completed in 2 phases in 2010 and 2020 - it is a mix of classic production halls and modern prefabricated halls meeting the strictest requirements for production and storage. This is appreciated by long-term tenants such as Continental and ALBI. Despite the relatively lower average contractual lease term, the tenants are stable and the site has been fully leased for a long time.


The site is ready for a 5,000 m² expansion project with the addition of a modern warehouse/production hall. We are also intensifying the existing space - currently a two-storey under-occupied office building has been converted into a multifunctional building, which will increase the rental potential. Beyond the approved project, we plan to further densify and renovate the site and are analyzing the possibility of acquiring additional land for development around the existing site.

Investment Directors' Commentary

"Investing in Expandia Industrial Parks sub-fund is interesting because the fund manages real estate parks with a clear earnings history and interesting historical performance. Expandia Group invests its money with you, holding a significant stake in the fund. The entry of additional partners into the fund will allow us to further enhance and expand through development and upgrades the current investments in the portfolio and to add new additional investments via acquisitions of new industrial parks. Expandia Group operates other industrial parks as well as unutilised construction sites that are ready to further extend the Expandia Industrial Parks sub-fund scope. We are also actively seeking other opportunities in the market "
Ing. Tomáš Návrat
"Personally, I am working on developing and expanding Expandia Group's industrial parks in the long term. The key is to maintain tenant diversity, which allows us to stabilise rental income. The combination of manufacturing companies, Czech companies and large foreign tenants gives us a stable mix that is resistant to the economic cycle. We work with our tenants and improve the premises according to their requirements - thus we are able to improve rental income from the premises beyond the standard inflation rent adjustments. The new development allow us to offer prime space for manufacturing and warehousing and expands the range of potential tenants. We are actively working to maximize the utilization of the premises and the quality of service of the leased areas. We are no stranger to the environmental aspect either - we operate or plan to operate photovoltaic sources on all our parks, we insulate skylights and use renewable energy sources where possible."
Ing. Martin Kovář, MBA

How to invest?


Contact the CODYA Investment Company Fund Manager or your adviser


Complete the contract documentation


Choose the form of investment - direct purchase of the fund (1 million CZK or more) or a smaller part e.g. using Codya Mix



Development potential

IP Třebíč

  • Potential 15 000 m² development of new large halls
  • Construction of a car park (compulsory lease to tenants)
  • Potential for an additional 3-5,000 m² extension to the main hall

IP Červený Kostelec

  • Newly implemented redevelopment of the office part into a multifunctional space
  • Potential for a 5,000 m² extension of production and storage space - existing planning permission
  • Demolition of service halls in part of the site and construction of new multifunctional halls Installation of PV power plant
1 Photo drone 2

New projects

2 more industrial parks owned by Expandia Group: Rousínov and Klatovy


2 x 5,000 m² of leasable hall space in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm and Myjava owned by Expandia Group

Project of 10 000 m² of multifunctional halls in Breclav owned by Expandia Group


Other developable land owned by Expandia Group or projects available on the market

Fund manager

CODYA investiční společnost, a.s. is the statutory body, manager and administrator of the EXPANDIA Investments SICAV, a.s. fund and Expandia Industrial Parks sub-fund. CODYA Investment Company, Inc. was founded in 2018 by top investment professionals with many years of experience in collective investment, pension funds and insurance. CODYA specializes in the creation, management and administration of funds. More than 10 billion crowns of assets are managed under its responsibility. 

Investment opportunities

  • Expandia Industrial Parks sub-fund is a sub-fund of a "qualified investors fund"
  • The recommended investment period is 5 years or more
  • The target appreciation of the investment is 7-9% p.a. In case of inflation above 5%, the target appreciation is expected to be increased on the basis of rent indexation for inflation, which all building tenants have in their contracts
  • The funds are invested in real assets in the Czech Republic, which the sub-fund directly controls and owns
  • A sole investor or a company can invest a minimum amount of CZK 1,000,000 or more after the evaluation of the questionnaire
  • The investment strategy, investment limits and management fees are set out in the sub-fund's statute
  • The investor receives an investment share, which entitles the holder to a share in the fund's assets, and the right to redeem the share at the current fund valuation
  • The price of the investment share is updated quarterly on the basis of an expert's valuation report
  • Expert valuation and annual report are prepared 1 x per year
  • The statutory body, manager and administrator of the sub-fund is CODYA Investment Company
  • CODYA investiční společnost, a.s., and EXPANDIA Investments SICAV, a.s., Expandia Industrial Parks Subfund is subject to supervision and regulation by the Czech National Bank
This summary is intended for information and promotional purposes. It is not an offer or a public invitation or recommendation to invest. Before making an investment decision, consult your financial advisor and familiarize yourself with the terms of the investment and the risks of gains and losses on a potential investment in the EXPANDIA Investments SICAV, Inc. fund and Expandia Industrial Parks sub-fund. Before making an investment decision, we recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the wording of the fund and sub-fund's statutes. The value of investment shares changes over time and the historical performance of the Funds is not an indication or guarantee of future performance. The information in this summary has been prepared with the utmost care, yet we make no guarantee as to the completeness or accuracy of the information. Information changes over time and you should always check or for the most up-to-date information about the fund and sub-Fund.

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