In 2020, the traditional manufacturer of rubberized textiles and rubber products celebrated its 70th anniversary. The portfolio of the GUMOTEX Group is currently based on two main segments: rubber-based products and parts for the automotive industry.

The GUMOTEX traditional production programme – the rubber products segment accounts for about 1/3 of sales and includes mainly the production of specialized mattresses for modern electronically controlled beds, the production of inflatable boats, specialized rubber mixtures, technical coated fabrics and products for integrated rescue systems, such as inflatable tents and flood barriers.

The production programme for the automotive segment has represented a significant growth factor for GUMOTEX in the last few years and currently reaches about 2/3 of sales. The main items are seat panels made of polyurethane foams, head rests, complete sun visors, shock absorbers and other interior parts of the vehicle based on expanded polypropylene, moulded plastic parts and rubber, textile and plastic car mats. Recently, GUMOTEX has started the production of expanded polypropylene, which is the input material for many of the forementioned products.

The GUMOTEX Group has a holding structure into individual subsidiaries based on the transformation carried out in 2019. The GUMOTEX Group manufactures its products in the locations of Breclav, Jaroměř, Trebic, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Myjava and Zlín. In total, the Group employs over 1,600 people.

Production sites of the GUMOTEX Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • Status Current Project
  • Year of entry2007
  • Expandia Group share100 %
  • Consolidated revenues 2020CZK 2.7 billion
  • Number of employees 20201 518


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