Start of construction: 2017

Year of sale: 2020

Leasable area: 7,500 m²

Number of apartments: 18

The Hamburk Business Center project is situated in Pilsen between U Prazdroje and Klicperova streets and consists of two separate buildings – the Hamburk Business Center office building and the Hamburk Residence apartment building.

The seven-storey building, which rises on a trapezoidal floor plan, offers ideal facilities for small and large corporate tenants. It has a glass façade and its shape resembles a large spacecraft. You will find office space overlooking one of the landmarks of the city of Pilsen – the historic building of the brewery. The smaller four-storey appartment building houses 18 atypical apartments and 2 commercial premises. A pleasant bonus is the wonderful view of the historic center of Pilsen.

After successfully obtaining the final occupancy permit. Expandia sold the Hamburk Business Center office building to the BHS Real Estate Fund SICAV, a.s. in June 2020.


Entry date: 2005

Year of sale: 2013

Share in the company: 25 %

Useable area: 106,000 m²

Trilogy Logistic Park Tomilino is one of the most modern logistic parks in Russia. The project is 6 km south east of Moscow MKAD. The project with investment value of USD 120 mil was completed in 2010 and offers its tenants 101 000 m2 of warehouse space and 5 000 m2 office space on a 19 hectare land plot.

Expandia group invested along with Czech PPF group and Russian-Netherlands investment group NedAgro. Expandia sold its stake to PPF in October 2014.


Year of entry: 2005

Year of sale: 2013

Share in the company: 33 %

Useable area: 200,000 m


Expandia group along with PPF and NedAgro groups was involved in preparation of this development project. In October 2014 Expandia sold its stake along with stake in Trilogy Logistic Park Tomilino to PPF group. The project still awaits its implementation. 


Entry date: 2005

Year of sale: 2008

Share in the company: 100 %

Number of apartments: 35

During the years 2005 – 2008 Expandia developed a residential project Musílkova residence. The project included total 120 flats to be constructed in 2 phases. After completion of phase 1 Expandia sold the project to a renowned investor and developer in 2008. Expandia invested into the project and was involved in managing and coordination of project and marketing activities.


Year of entry: 1996

Year of sale: 2004

Share in the company: 100 %

Revenues 2004: CZK 225 mil. 


Vigona was a traditional Czech producer of woven textiles. After Expandia’s entry to Vigona a strategic change was accelerated to convert to production of nonwoven textiles in a newly built production facility in Svitavy. Part of the new plant construction was also investment into new technologies. Main customers of Vigona were large suppliers of automotive components and industrial filtration.

Expandia supported investment into new technologies that enabled Vigona to boost its labour productivity, improve product quality and to focus on growing automotive sector. In 2004 Expandia sold Vigona to Danish group Fibertex. Vigona was subsequently renamed to Fibertex, a.s.


Year of entry: 1997

Year of sale: 2000

Share in the company: 100 %

Number of users: more than 40,000

With the aim to create a new and innovative internet based bank Expandia took over Zemská banka seated in Olomouc in 1997. The bank was recapitalised and renamed to Expandia Banka. New operations started in May 1998 and since then Expandia Banka was a pioneer in the field of internet and mobile banking. Unique solutions and high user friendliness were rewarded several times by the professional community. At the turn of the millenium 1999-2000 Expandia sold the venture to the largest insurance company Česká pojišťovna (PPF Group) under which it continued its operation under the name of eBanka. Subsequently eBanka was bought by Raiffeisen group, which has operated internet banking based on Expandia Banka systems to the present day.


Year of entry: 1995

Year of sale: 1999

Share in the company: 27.6 %

Number of clients: more than 100,000

In the year 1995 Expandia became one of the founders of the pension fund Koruna. During the first four years of existence the fund attracted over 100 thousand participants and became one of the largest pension funds in the Czech Republic. The fund’s focus was on voluntary pension insurance. Expandia sold its stake to the pension fund of Česká pojišťovna (PPF Group) in 1999.


Year of entry: 1997

Year of sale: 2002

Share in the company: 100 %

Assets under management: €EUR 300 million (1999)

In the year 1997, Expandia invest was founded in Croatia focusing on management of investment funds. Over 40 thousand investors trusted their funds to the investment fund run by Expandia Invest. The fund gained ownership stakes in 62 Croatian companies with the asset value of over EUR 300 mil. In 1999, the US investment company TX/Europe Group Ltd. gained 50% share of Expandia Invest. In 2002, 100% stake in Expandia Invest was taken over by the US corporation Adriatic Investment Management.


Entry date: 1993

Year of sale: 2000

Share in the company: 100 %

Assets under management: over CZK 5 billion (1995)


Expandia investment company was started in 1993 as an asset manager of privatisation and investment funds of Expandia. Apart from being responsible for investment strategy of Expandia funds the entity was responsible for corporate governance of portfolio companies. After strategic decision of Expandia to de-focus from asset management activities the company was sold to a strategic investor. 

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